Review Policy

Of course we'll be happy if you would like us to talk about you and we'll do our best !
But we can't guarantee we'll review your items 100%.
Why ?
  • Because I might not have time at the moment you are trying to contact me or sending me the items. I do have a RL who happens to be time-eating sometimes so that might happen.
  • Because I might have not receive a notification about your items. We all know SL is not always working as it should so that's why I invite you (when possible) to contact me in-world before (or after) sending me your items. This way will ensure I got them and you'll know directly if i am able to blog atm or not.
  • Because I might not wish to blog them. Let's be honest about it, while i greatly appreciate you thinking of me and dropping me items, if you know the blog, you know what i'd post or not. So as an example, even though I enjoy pretty much all styles in SL, you'll not see me blog BDSM stuff. It might happen as a joke or similar but not on a usual basis.
  • About male stuff: Neither Mae or Sua will blog those items themselves, but Rosemarie who writes with me has a male avie or we can "borrow" a man. So contact her (Rosemarie Indigo) or myself (Suavana Maiman/Maelenn Catteneo) and if we're available, we'll let you know who to send it to.
And to conclude, I would ask you to send me your items in a folder and if i don't know you (or if you brought changes to your SL business recently) make sure you add in it an up to date LM and a note about your store. Plus, leave me your name, so I'll know who to contact in return !

Oh and don't hesistate to talk to me in-world. Friends always works better together than stranger might do!