Our Bloggers

Once upon a time, there was a Cat and a Fae.
Those two friends were fashion addicts and one day, they decided to create a blog and share their finds.
One day, the little Fae went her own way and developped her own blog.

Today, for you, the Fae aka Rosie, and the Cat aka myself, decided to work once more together for your enjoyment !

So here is our little team !
Mae/Sua (Maelenn Catteneo aka Suavana Maiman)
Rosie (Rosemarie Indigo)
Moniq (Moniq Salamander)
Shay (Shayariel Teardrop)
Neida (Neida Rae )
Ruby (Ruby Velaystar)
Saffie (Saffron Foxclaw)

Eithne (Eithne McBride)
Dandi (Dandilyon Jinx)

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